Context.savechanges not working

01.09.2018 | by Admin
I do not get any runtime error either. SaveChanges returns without error, but the name change does not persist in the database. Hi, What is the return value for SaveChanges.
Adding to the context, you don't need to change the state. Public void DeleteProductProduct product. VidyaDaanEntities context new VDData. Name from, say, Kayak to Green Kayak looks fine when debugging and setting a breakpoint on the SaveProduct method in the repository. You context.savechanges not working use it like gcc filename.
The update is not registered in the database. Once live you can still edit your website again and again. SaveChanges is working fine for adds and deletes, but does not persist changes to column data, and I am not sure why. All in notice is that my Records is not updated. My update method is not working in an ASP. There is no Exception, the Entity model is updated properly, but the DB does not have the change.