Flex 5000a setup

28.07.2018 | by Admin
The supplied open source software, PowerSDR, creates a powerful and flexible solution. Don't try this on the same band, only. As it is, I am continually making minor changes always trying to get a little more out of the radio. The left half has all the connections for the built in computer.

I then powered it up just to make sure it was working.

Flex 5000a setup — photo 1
I worked him on the third call using Skimmer to hone in on his receive frequency. Alternatively, PowerSDR can be downloaded. Why not transfer and convert your old Family treasures onto Digital Video tape or DVD discs. I already worked the station earlier so I don't transmit in order to avoid QRMing the pile up. This is an unscripted walkthrough of setting up FlexRadio's PowerSDR for the first time.
Flex 5000a setup — photo 2
When Firefox asks you how to open this deb file, choose the default option to open it in Ubuntu Software formerly Ubuntu Software Center. Select the Home tab, and then click the expanded options icon to open the window in the snapshot directly below, flex 5000a setup. TelescopeMan shows how to setup FLdigi, Digipan, and Ham Radio Deluxe software. You can download Odin ZIP for free all versions from below. However, this depends upon the shape of the pasta. From the home page of the FlexRadio. Convenience and ease of setup are built right in.