Game minimizes when i click

08.07.2018 | by Adelina
Loading a map and all of a sudden mouse pointer is captured and I'm off until I load a new server. When I click somewhere during loading a server, the game minimizes. Turns out it just minimizes to whatever the next window you have up on your desktop. I checked my key bindings on the options menu for PoE, and I don't see anything that even lists a minimize key-bind.
I run firefox and skype when I play. It seems to be activated with the left click, though I think I recall it happening once with the right click, but I can't be too sure. I have uninstall my mouse and tried a different on no difference.
I can maximize it back, but it's not resolved - click anywhere again, left or right click, and it minimizes again. When it finally does start working it's completely random. Quitting the server and rejoining makes no difference. Ive got a problem evertime i click with the mouse the game minimizes itself. It mostly happens if you tab out of it and tab in again than you see the courser and cant play anymore.