How big do smallmouth bass get

20.07.2018 | by Admin
Big smallmouth are lazier than smaller ones and like to be where they can get an easy meal. Having trouble getting smallmouth to smack offerings. Youve probably heard the saying big baits, big fish.

Here are some tips on this simple, but often ignored technique.

Mainly minnows, crayfish, and small frogs. Many baits are available to imitate tiny crayfish, terrestrial and aquatic insects, and other micro morsels. The reason for this is that the mirror inside your camera has been raised up so that the sensor is exposed to the scene. The answer comes down to effort and availability.
How big do smallmouth bass get — photo 2
Be great to know as it'l be a little disappointing if I have caught the large ones already while only spending a short while playing the US waters. For this reason they will hang out in spots where current will push food in their direction, allowing them to just hang out and wait. The largemouth can grow to twenty pounds or more. Creek mouths are great, as are any narrow parts of the lake where food gets filtered through and water current picks up. There is an easy way, and a hard way to do things.