How do i teach my dog to smile

29.06.2018 | by Admin
Reinforce the behavior when the dog is happy and relaxed. Teaching a dog to smile takes a bit more work than some other tricks, but it can be achieved. Teach him how to lift the lips.

So, to teach your dog to smile, simply give him a treat with praise whenever he smiles.

You need to use a combination of patience, attention, and positive reinforcement. Viper Auto Security Systems is. You can not teach your dog to smile only certain breeds can smile. How Do You Teach Your Dog To Smile.
These proven tips are easy to do and youll have your dog smiling in a matter of minutes. Did you know that dogs can smile. A dog smile consists of an open mouth, often with tongue hanging out, and lips stretched back to show some of the teeth. In case you are wondering how to teach your dog to smile, make sure you browse our informative post. How many eyes does an octopus have.