How life has changed since 1948

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What kind of a house did you have detached, terraced etc. Many houses did not have indoor toilets or a telephone. How a sport has changed my lifeLifestyle.

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Heavy industries like coal mining, iron and steel making, ship building and engineering employed millions of workers. Sence of community has all but gone. How has life changed for black Americans. For our history topic, we are trying to find out how various aspects of life have changed since World War II. Respect for others and property seems to be a thing of the past.

Respect for others and the law nolonger excists.

How life has changed since 1948 — photo 1
For the first time ordinary people had substantial amounts of money to spend on luxuries. You can find any GIF on Google Images, Tumblr, Twitter or Giphy. It's decoration and furniture revealed what type of person you were and how well off you appeared to be. Entertainment Technology Interactive. Did you have an indoor bathroom.