How long to drive after one beer

07.08.2018 | by Pete
Just how long does it take the body to get rid of the beer so you can drive. When am I able to drive again or must I be afraid that I will be endangering the life of another person or losing my drivers license. If you have been drinking strong mixed drinks, it may take much longer.
How long to drive after one beer — photo 2
For more information, see How much alcohol can I drink before driving. The alcohol could still be in your blood the next day. While fewer people take the risk of driving while above the limit at night, many get in their cars the next morning without realising they could still be over the limit. Three and a half to four hours of no drinking would drop my level to zero. The rule of thumb is one hour for every drink.
Not sure what you mean already asked the question. SimpleSimply the number of alcoholic drinks and the alcohol level calculator delivers a clearly arranged table with corresponding alcohol levels. Is it safe to drive after only one standard drink. However, this time can vary, depending on the factors mentioned above.