How to braid strings into hair

28.08.2018 | by Madison
You will also need clips to get the hair out of the way and a comb to make straight lines. Learning to braid with string is also a great way to test out new types of braids before you use them on hair, rope or ribbon. Hold the left section in your left hand, the right section your right hand, close to the palm, and the middle section between two fingers of your right hand. Braid the hair into a tidy, smooth braid.

At this point you can remove the original elastic from the beaded section of the braid or opt to leave it in place.

How to braid strings into hair
A lighter is also used, to seal the ends. Now you should have a braid with beads weaving subtly through the hair. Tie the base of the braid with another hair elastic. How to Twist Hair to Create Dreads. How to curl your american girl dolls hair. Separate the section of hair you would like to braid and brush it smooth with a soft hairbrush.
How to remove vocals from any song with audacity and Fl studio. Braiding string creates a strong, thin cord you can use for jewelry or other crafts. The Average Tooth-Colored Filling Lasts About Five to Seven Years. For an easier beaded braid, purchase very large beads and feed the beads over the braided hair.