How to change coolant in smart car

12.07.2018 | by Jaymie
Regularly changing the coolant in your vehicle is a preventative measure which will, in the long run, help keep your vehicle performing well. We did it more because of the time on the fluid and because it's. Change the coolant yourself and save money on car maintenance. Make sure all the coolant has been drained from the radiator and the coolant recovery tank.

Use a wrench to remove the engine block drain plugs.

Look up your cars coolant capacity. This procedure works for any cooling system thats not contaminated with rust or oil. OnePlus Two sports large internal storage options which means you get ample space for keeping the backup on local storage but its recommended you keep a copy on your computer as well. Let the anti-freeze flow from the engine block into the drain pan. First, you need to go out and buy the appropriate oil for your car. Learn how to change coolant with do-it-yourself tips from The Family Handymans auto repair expert and save big bucks in service charges at the mechanic.
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Reinstall the engine block drain plugs and the petcock. Allow your vehicle's engine to cool completely before attempting to service your cooling system. How to Change Coolant in Your Car. Do you already have the Mac buttons.