How to check the database details in oracle

23.06.2018 | by Latanya
Login abuse, such as people sharing accounts and unauthorized logins. To be sure, I also tried to check prerequisites on the Oracle Database Cloud Service Console, and it completed OK this time. But when i check for the value for event parameter, i got nothing. So lets see how we can update our Oracle Databases in the cloud.
How can I check which database objects are using certain tablespace in Oracle DB. Unfortunately, its usually people higher up in the application chain of command who tend to have more privileges giving out their login ID to subordinates to help with work. As you can see, in the administration box, there is an available patch. I am using below queries and its. By default, the Node ID is directly in the URL of the content.
Hi Rose, how to check the database details in oracle, thank you for sharing this. In the first ways you can check the database size using the below queries. We click on it to see the details of the patch. Developing a baseline understanding of your database usage greatly helps you in your other DBA responsibilities. I have list of object names from which i have to find out whether the object is a table or view. First we go to the database home to see if any updates is available. I would love too but till then lets be friend.