How to cite a source with multiple authors in a paper

13.08.2018 | by Darrell
When conducting research for a paper, it is not uncommon to find texts, journals and books written by more than one author. How to Cite Other Sources in Your Paper. Citations in the body of the paper Full Citation Rules in Lit. By Chelsea Lee When you use others' ideas in your paper, you should credit them with an in-text citation.

What would be the best way to do this, or is the below perfectly acceptable.

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Citing a book with two authors is only slightly more difficult than citing a book with one, but varies according to style. Generally, if a work has multiple authors you must list all of their names in the citation entry on your reference list. Are you facing sudden shut down in your laptop frequently. I need to site a source within text I used a quote in my paper and need to cite it, but I'm unsure how to do it when there are multiple authors. Find the perfect Christmas gift with eBay this Christmas. Instead, try some of the following ways to cite multiple sources in the same paragraph without sounding clunky. So, its time to write that MLA paper but you are stumped at how to credit a source that has multiple authors.
List the authors' names directly in the text or the parenthetical citation. It is important to understand that using information from other sources and placing them into a project is entirely acceptable and recommended, as it can enhance the credibility of a paper. Many Sovietologists have challenged these findings. Citing books with multiple authors in MLA style. List the authors' names in the parenthetical citation. Keep in mind that for a production SSL Certificate not a self-signed one, you won't need to generate or sign a certificate yourself - you'll just need to create a Certificate Signing Request csr an.