How to convince your teacher to give you an extension

12.08.2018 | by Zelda
How should I talk to my teacher. No teacher is going to change a grade for a snotty student. I was planning on bringing a previous lab or two and ask if there's any I can get at least a couple points back.
Bring up the topic of extending curfew when your parents are available to have the conversation. How do you convince your teacher not to give you homework. You can get a good idea of plot prices by visiting plotfinder. Make an A-Plus and already know all of the material. Find a time that works for everyone. Homework is tohelp you learn, and if you know it already, the teacher won't giveyou more work.
Tip Never say, 'If you change my grade, I promise I wont tell anyone. If its not online, try your schools department secretary. The movie is well produced and the cinematography is well done. I dont think that's going to happen.