How to find a manufacturers rep

17.09.2018 | by Leonie
How to Secure Manufacturer Representative Contracts. Another way involves using the internet to find products to represent. If you're thinking about being an independent manufacturers rep I recommend reading this book. How to Become a Manufacturer Representative.

The contract in the book speaks volumes itself.

How to find a manufacturers rep — photo 1
Research manufacturers thoroughly before contacting them by visiting their websites, learning about their products, understanding thei. No sales experience or existing buyer relationships required. There's a sample contract in the in book. The third way is to send an email to the company stating your purpose. The supplement for manufacturers to find and sign good reps, should also be carefully considered by reps. Approach the company directly and provide proof of competency.
Here's a popular article we wrote. It's clear the author is committed to being sure you succeed. I used replace method but it seems to not working. His way with words and examples made the book interesting.