How to get the nth root of a number in excel

03.07.2018 | by Michael
Have you disappointed realizing that there is no built-in function in Excel that allows you to calculate the nth root of a number. What about different roots, however. And today in this post, Id like to share with you these five simple methods to find a square root of a number in Excel.
If you are familiar with Excel, you might have used many different built-in functions to get results easily, quickly and efficiently. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions. Hello and welcome to PC Review. What can I tell to u it's focus and don't fall, because falling it's the easy way.

You may be wondering how to use Excel to derive different roots of a number.

These tips will help you save data on your iPhone. Where number is the number you'd like to find the root of and n is the root. Does anyone know if you can fourth root numbers on an excel spreadsheet. Lets me tell you about a different scenario where we need to check the square root of a number instead of a calculating it in a cell.