How to get buizel in pokemon soul silver

25.06.2018 | by Jenny
The only way to get BP is to battle. Need help beating Clair in soul silver. The Japanese version is finished, but the European and the American version is on right now.
What are tips for writing a radio commercial. First of all to get a soul dew you got get an enmega stone by an event. Where do you get the soul dew in Pokemon soul silver.
How to get buizel in pokemon soul silver — photo 1
I ask to be sure, as I think it would be stupid to remake a game simply. It depends on the levels of those Pokemon. Along with that, I'd like to know if one can trade pokemon from the 'future generations' like buizel, or dialga and palkia into heart gold and soul silver. I feel you Mcjzn my brother is having a hard time to get BP.