How to get points on dsi without paying

10.08.2018 | by Gwenn
Can you get points on Nintendo DSi without buying the card. Can you get Wii points without paying. Feel free to check out GPT sites. Recent Questions Gaming Games Add Answer.
Don't do the surveys because they can give your computer a virus. These sites are usually legit and safe, and best of all they are legal. I know you guys wont believe this but I just got a DSi points card code and it redeemed. Well, u should already have it on ur front page of ur dsi but if u don't u may need to go to the dsi shop. You register them at the wii or dsiware shop not on club nintendo. Unfortunately, it takes money to get those points.
Where can you download Wii points generator without having to fill out surveys. You can if you have a credit or debit card. Some u may just do whatever u want like Yahoo. If you get the message No Gallery app available, then you should install a Gallery app. How to make flight reservation without payment.