How to make a dress out of a sheet of fabric

23.08.2018 | by Ouida
Wrap fabric over the piece of sheet draped down your back to secure that end to your body. If the fashion fabric is sheer or loosely woven. The time when you pull out your kids clothes for the warmer months only to realize they have outgrown every item of clothing from last season. Place one edge of the sheet in front of you, about midway up your chest, so you can see the top hem.

Wrap the smaller rectangle around the pinch tightly and sew it into place.

How to make a dress out of a sheet of fabric
Pinch the middle of the fabric tube, giving the bow its shape. So for this tutorial, I wanted to do something sexy but simple to make. If you want the bottom to be hemmed it will save you time.

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Flatten the tube so that the seam is in the back when you lay the tube out flat. I was SO happy when I made my first shirt. Sheets can be very heavy, so be prepared. How to use lastly in a sentence. The best thing about this project is that you don't have to hem anything. Dont worry if you dont have a hemmed edge. How to prepare a paper pattern.