How to pitch your product to a buyer

15.06.2018 | by Admin
How frustrated were you with yourself because you did not pitch your product correctly or know what to say to get a buyer interested in hearing more about your product. I've spent thousands of hours on the phone when I first started selling a seasonal product to retail buyers. Ask yourself some tough questions.
You want to start the call off by introducing yourself and the reason why you are calling. Wondering how to pitch your product to Walmart. Understanding your buyer Positioning your product Preparing your pitch. I also had experience calling investors when I worked for UBS, so I had experience cold calling. Probably work but this is the one that did it for me. Before you present your product to WalMart, consider what questions its buyers will throw at you.
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Once you have their buy-in, you start with your sales pitch. Fashion brands that start selling at wholesale can often find themselves acquiring lots of new skills. Now, that doesnt mean that the buyer doesnt want to hear from you. Part of the formula comes down to truly understanding who their buyer is. The combination of chocolate sponge cake, white chocolate ganache and strawberries are divine. I could tell within just a few minutes of speaking to someone whether or not that person was experienced and labeling them as such in my head would shape how I handled the meeting from there on out.