How to practice voodoo by yourself

15.09.2018 | by Gertha
I was taught how to do this years ago by a guy named Arthur in Sydney Australia. If you are interested in promoting some positive energy or drawn to the darker side of the craft if so, make sure you learn the risks. Gluing a photo of the persons face on the voodoo face.
The reason why you would want to find out if there are any dangerous people among individuals who may be pretending to be your friend is so that you can decide on how you want to protect yourself. Thats why lets not be in a hurry. Otherwise, things could get messy and problematic. His father has brought him to Australia as a boy from Africa. So I recommend never using voodoo dolls for sinister purposes. It has received envy and loathing over the years, largely from those whose lovers have abandoned them under the influence of a Voodoo love spell. Before performing any ritual, make sure you know it well.
If you want to master voodoo magic, you should understand that after that you will have to live your life accordingly. The love spell is the most common type of Voodoo practiced. While you will not need a lot of materials in order to create your voodoo doll, you will need to put some energy into ensuring that you have everything that you need for your purpose. There are many different materials that one can use, each with their own energies and connections.