How to remove timeline from my facebook

23.06.2018 | by Yen
Click on the small pencil icon and click Hide Section. Select Delete or Hide from timeline from the dropdown menu. First and foremost, make sure you know what your Timeline looks like to public users anyone who is not your Facebook friend. Toturial How To Remove TimeLine From Facebook On Mozilla FireFox Free Download User Agent Switcher For Mozilla FireFox.

Keep in mind that you can only delete posts that you have posted.

How to remove timeline from my facebook
Combine the milk, ice and crushed pineapple into a blender. I want to delete my school graduation from my timeline but keep it listed as education in the About Me section. Grow and Similar - Selection Commands in Adobe Photoshop. How do I hide old posts from my Facebook timeline. Or click Edit selections and uncheck the Places checkbox. So far I have only found the option to delete the entire post, I don't want to delete it, just get it off the timeline section of Facebook and keep it in the education section. How do I create or edit a life event on my Facebook profile.
How do I remove a life event from my timeline without deleting it altogether. So it may take several days, or weeks for the information to be completely removed. AutoHotkey WinX Power Users Menu.