How to say and you in chinese

10.07.2018 | by Douglass
So the vocabulary is still useful. Previous How to say the splendor of love in Chinese. Sometimes you use thank you or thank you very much in order to say firmly that you do not want someone's help.
Start out by saying wuh then I and then, knee. The most common way to say I love you in Chinese is wo ai ni, but the phrase is translated differently in different Chinese dialects. It may not be needed there either. Saying I love you is a big deal in Chinese and it isnt taken lightly.

To politely accept or refuse something that has just been offered to you.

How to say and you in chinese
Happy Chinese new year to you and yours. Or to politely acknowledge what someone has said to you. Also with the wool your jacket may come out mis-shapen. Learn how to say thank you in Chinese with Morley College tutor Zi Ye. Its natural, when youre trying to speak Chinese, to use your native language as a point of comparison and to try to translate what youre trying to say into Chinese.