How to upload xml sitemap

06.07.2018 | by Roslyn
Hello Everybody, I am a new blogger. But creating a sitemap is only the first step. Xml in the text field next to your domain. You can use any other plugin for generating xml sitemap and for.
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We recommend submitting your sitemap each time you publish new changes on your site. With practice, you might how to upload xml sitemap be able to fit through a business card. An XML sitemap is a way for website owners to tell search engines about all the pages that exist on their website. Could anyone inform me how to upload a sitemap file in Blogger. While sitemaps do not boost your search rankings, it allows search engines to better crawl your website. Now its time to do something valuable with your sitemap submit it to Google. How to submit your sitemap to Google.
XML site map file can be created manually or by using sitemap generator tools and It is easy to upload in a website root directory. There is no way to bypass this control. Click Sitemaps from the menu on the left. If you have connected your site to Google using Wix SEO Wiz, your sitemap is automatically submitted to Google. I could not find any option to uploading file in Blogspot though there is option of post. So how you will submit your sitemap.