How to watch episodes on amazon instant video

22.08.2018 | by Casandra
The service is only available in the US so if you want to watch Amazon Instant Video in the UK you need to use the following trick. Hide your UK Location to Watch Amazon Instant Video. Then they can browse the carousel of shows.
How to watch episodes on amazon instant video — photo 1
Your video will begin to download in a few minutes and will appear in your My Shows list. BBC iPlayer not working with your VPN. Which means if youre outside of your home nation, youre likely to experience problems watching your favourite shows on Amazon Instant Video. Why cant I watch Amazon Instant Video abroad. First of all you need an Amazon Prime Account.

See the problem is that even though you now have an account Amazon is still able to detect your location.

Connect to UK server your dedicated IP. If you are like me and have amazon prime and want to watch it anywhere and not just at your computer, than your in luck. See our Amazon Prime Search tutorial for how to do that. Amazon updated on Monday its Amazon Instant Video app for iOS with a new feature called First Episode Free. How to Reduce Sleep Quota and Increase Sleep Quality. G D AI wouldn't dream of goin nowhere.