Kakashi vs kisame who wins

08.08.2018 | by Admin
Kisame is bad match up for Kakashi. Kisame stomped Killer Bee who as a lot more chakra than Kakashi. Who would win, Kakashi Hatake vs Shin Uchiha. Gai and Lee has one of the most hyped power ups in the manga, this is what they are allowed to defeat enemies that should be out of their league.

Who would win now in shippuden, kakashi vs kakuzu.

Kakashi has an advantage being a able to use lightning style jutsu. They may be equal on base, but Gai with gates no. Kisame questioning his place in the world. Why, Didn't Iris Appear in the Pokemon X Y Anime. I am a huge kakashi fan, but Samehada is the winning factor for me.
And he can also control and change the environment. This product was designed by Anders Hermansen. And Kisame at full power is equal to freaking Hachibi. Asuma, akashi, urenai vs Itachi, isame -Deidara HQ. Kakashi the one that was almost dead by warping a Susanoo arrow.