Mira miniluxe installation

19.09.2018 | by Admin
Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Mira Miniluxe shower with diverter. To enjoy the full potential of your new product, please take time to read this guide thoroughly, having done so, keep it handy for future reference.
The deluge showerhead delivers a sensational showering experience time and time again. You will also find information on the product's guarantee and customer service details. Mira Miniluxe Thermostatic Mixer Shower Diverter ERD. People that genuinely care about you and your well being. The line drawing will provide dimensional sizes for the Mira Shower product selected.
Enjoy a sensational showering experience with the Mira Miniluxe and Diverter ERD - the best-performing vertical valve on the market. The difference is apparent the moment you walk in. Sophisticated and smart MiniLuxe reinvents the nail salon. The white one looks hideous, but there's a brown one so you click the picture to see it in more detail.