Mockito when thenthrow

20.09.2018 | by Tenesha
If you require stack trace information, use thenThrowThrowable. GetAllDenominationsanyString, anyString. In the example below, the mock object is stubbed to throw NullPointerException when the method get. Note depending on the JVM, stack trace information may not be available in the generated throwable instance.
Let's say, we want to mock an authentication service to validate the login credentials of a user. It's weird for me because when i trying to test happy path almost the same mock invoke works fine. Creating complicated redstone locks is kind of pointless when players can simply explode their way into your home using a TNT cannon or other exploits. The method used for this is thenThrow. ThenThrowIllegalStateException.
ThenThrow is slightly more readable and usually equivalent. The Benefits of Parent Involvement. Configure method to call the real, underlying method on a mock. AddOrder call is not throwing exception, but returning a value. ThenThrowhttpServerErrorException.