Sago palm how to trim

02.08.2018 | by Cole
If the plant and roots seem crowded in its current container, you will want to consider transplanting your sago palm. Therefore, it should not be fertilized like a palm to keep from damaging its roots. This is the way we trim our sago palms.

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It goes without saying that it must have good drainage holes in the bottom. Put on protective gardening gloves. You should not trim a sago palm in an attempt to control its height. Imagine telling your family that you are growing dinosaur food. Some tips on how to acquire a pup plant for free. When you prune dead growth, be sure to prune it close to the trunk.

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Caring For Cycas Revoluta Outdoors. The Green Industry News presents Richard Daigle with Irrigator Tech as he demonstrates proper technique of sago palm pruning. How to Trim and Maintain Sago Palm - Cycas Revoluta. My experience with having dogs and sago palms in the same yard. Check plants once a month and trim a sago palm any yellowing or dead leaves and dust the fronds with a soft cloth.