The lebanese girl who cries crystals

15.07.2018 | by Maira
Lebanese Girl Producing White Crystals from Eyes. Earlier this month a new chapter to the Duct Tales Diaries appeared in the form of a Yemeni girl who allegedly cries tears of stone. Little Girl Cries Tears of Crystal.
The girl produces eight small crystals each day, subhanallah. I actually love mixed and matched individual teacups. Kennedy International Airport JFK or Newark Liberty International Airport EWR. A doctor believes her eyes might be making too much of the protein keratin.

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The lebanese girl who cries crystals
She and her mother were scared and rushed to the doctor who was baffled. Hasnah Mohamed Meselmanis condition is yet to be explained. Coming at a rate of seven a day, the crystals are razor sharp, but do not harm her eyes. Video has since been removed from YouTube. Back home, she told her family what had happened and, while she was doing so, a second piece of crystal appeared in her eye. You may also need to refer to the documentation provided with your VM server, the lebanese girl who cries crystals. It became popular on YouTube and spread rapidly through email forwards and sharing on social networks.