What does 5 speed automatic overdrive mean

04.07.2018 | by Roselle
If you lock the outer ring in place and send power through the center sun gear, the smaller planet gears will orbit around the sun gear. Overdrive allows the engine to travel as high speeds while maintaining a low RPM for lower fuel consumption. With this add-on, your vehicle will be able to cruise at higher speeds with more fuel efficiency just like any other car with overdrive in it.

It allows the driver to select the appropriate gear to take advantage of engine braking when driving on a steep decline.

If you lock the sun gear into place and send power through the small planet gears, the planet gears will spin much slower than the large outer ring gear giving you an overdrive top gear. What does it mean when my overdrive light flashes. The hospital staff finds these often and call them bed-pan bullets. However, some older cars do not have an overdrive gear. You drove normally in Did you know a new website posts your driving history online for all to see.

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Truckers would call add-ons like these splitters. There are just more of them in some than others. If applied at appropriate speeds, you can save fuel even while driving at low speed. What is Overdrive in car terms. What does manual with overdrive mean. When you use overdrive, your cars engine speed reduces, which results in fuel saving and wear reduction. Take out the word and in your number you wish to write and we can do it, what does 5 speed automatic overdrive mean.