What does the idiom to hit it off mean

24.07.2018 | by Jeremiah
To have a great relationship with someone instantly. I was really relieved my boyfriend hit it off with all of my friends from high school. Do you think they will start dating.
Bill and Andrea seemed to hit it off last night. See the screen shot below for the Transparency setting in a Virtual Service. Get along well together, as in I was so glad that our parents hit it off. Learn the meaning of the idiom hit it off with lots of examples and a chance to practice. We had similar ideas about the show, and the two of us hit it off right away. Two friends are taking a walk in the park. Anonymous what What does the idiom hit it off mean.
Reset Hardware RouterBoard MikroTik MikroTik RouterBoard. I had to leave I didn't really hit it off with the new manager. Let's hope this group hits it off. My parents did not hit it off when they first met but they met again two years later and had a better meeting. You can see all the currently attached disks with the following command. This was the original definition of hit, from Old English. When James started to talk to Sarah in the bar, they hit it off, and had a great time together.