What does when your water breaks mean

28.08.2018 | by Nelly
What Happens When Your Water Breaks. What if my waters break before labour, but I don't want an induction. When the waters break, some women hear a pop sound, but some dont. In our case, her water breaking was not a sign that she was going into imminent labor.
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When your waters break, the fluid-filled amniotic sac, which protects and cushions your baby in your womb uterus, tears. My wife was only slightly dilated when we arrived at the hospital, but the staff admitted us immediately after they confirmed that her water had broken. The angels blind the men, and God destroys the city. This is when you might here about obstetricians inducing labor and breaking the water as they use a long, thin instrument to gently rupture the sac. A very small percentage of babies are born with their amniotic sacs still intact.
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Act like a Lady, Thinklike a man. Most importantly, it doesnt mean it will happen next time. My Personal Experience With My Wifes Water Breaking. Our guide has everything you need to know. What does it mean when my waters break. When the amniotic sac membranes rupture, this allows amniotic fluid to leak.