What is a power cord

09.07.2018 | by Evelynn
The wire could also be aluminum or another metal. What Is a Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender. The wire is likely copper, which is a great electrical conductor.

Hypernyms power cord is a kind of.

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A lamp cord also known as a zip cord is a light-weight. One end of the cord set is attached to a molded electrical plug. A lamp cord is a light-weight, ungrounded, single-insulated two wire cord used for small loads such as a table or floor lamp. That rating can be found on the appliance itself and often within the use and care booklet that accompanies the product.
Electric cord a light insulated conductor for household use. The terms power cable, mains lead or flex are also used. Cord sets are detachable from both the power supply and the electrical equipment, and consist of a flexible cord with electrical connectors at either end, one male, and one female.