What is the main object of chess

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CA employs the concept of a reference database, which is the main database that is used to find model games and the like. These rule changes allowed more flexibility for pieces that previousl. After each player makes just one move the. How do the main objects interact with each other.

According to the Oxford dictionary a board game for two players, the object of which is to put the opponents king under a direct attack, leading to checkmate.

Implement the method to move a piece to another position on the board. The object is to crush the opponents mind. In CA, this is called hugebase. Anyway it needs to be be differ one from another. Which object or objects own the current game state information. But who really invented the game we all love.
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Realistically you could get away with learning just the London, slav and Sicilian, but I played the Italian since I started playing so i know that also. There are some rules to follow. Merging cells is often used when a title is to be centered over a particular section of a spreadsheet. The changes that took place have quickened up the rate of play, such as allowing the Pawns to move two cells on the first move option FMO. What was the origin of this famous mental exercise many millions of people play.