What is the autosummarize feature used for in word 2000

19.08.2018 | by Delilah
Select the text whose words you require to count and right-click the mouse button. Choose the Words count option under the Tools menu. In the Length of Summary area, indicate by using the Percent of Original drop-down list exactly how long you want the summary to be.

In the Type of Summary area, specify which of the four summary types you want to create.

To quickly jump to a specific location in the document. Choose AutoSummarize from the Tools menu. First justify the document both left and right justified, then count the number of words on one line, and multiply them by the number of lines. To add hyperlinks in a web page. Word performs an analysis of the document and displays the AutoSummarize dialog box.
Choose the Paragraph statistics option under the View menu. In the Customize tab, choose All Commands in the Choose commands from list. How's your shopping experience on this page. Frozen berries release plenty of juices while cooking, so dont be tempted to add water in the beginning. Sentences are given higher scores if they contain words that are frequently used in the document.