Why did many german princes supported martin luther ideas

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Others welcomed a chance to seize Church property in theirterritory. The princes also did not want to pay taxes to the Church anymore. A number of German princes, however, embraced Lutheranbeliefs for more selfish reasons.
Why did many german princes supported martin luther ideas
How did the English Reformation differ from Luther's break with the Catholic Church. The secular princes wanted more power in their favor and sought independence from the Church. What was Luther's biggest criticism against the Catholic Church. Was Martin Luther the founder of the Protestant.

If the ideas of Luther were abided by the princes would take over the land previously owned by the church and grow ev.

Martin Luther helped launch capitalism. The secular princes had a history of trying to influence the Pope in their favor and sometimes succeeded, like in the case of the Pope moving to France. Why did luther's ideas gain widespread support. Establishing a deep rooted lutheran tradition against rebellion and legitimizing the use of violence to mantain law and order. They were tired of German money going tosupport churches and clergy in Italy.