Why is my underwear always wet while pregnant

17.08.2018 | by Admin
Not strong and it's mild but there is a smell. Cause Ammonia-smelling discharge during pregnancy can be caused by either bacterial vaginosis or concentrated urine. S like a creamy white mixed with some clear color.

Why is the bit between my thigh and upper body always wet.

Why is my underwear always wet while pregnant
My underwear is just about always wet and sometimes it seems like my clitoris is discharging, but there is no odor, why is this happening. Preventing poop stains in underwear. In the Old Testament, God provided a sacrificial system whereby atonement could be made for sin. The foul, ammonia-like smell emanating from vagina can prove to be quite disconcerting for many women.
Adobe Photoshop is by far the best photo editing application known. Ive been through that battery of tests, and turns. You may be having vaginal discharge, Your clitoris doesnt make much secretions to make undies wet. I always have discharge in my underwear and sometimes it feels like I wet myself. What are the chances that I get pregnant after using birth control and condoms.