Yellowish discharge when pregnant

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Is Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy Normal. Then, remind the doctor that you'. How You Can Prevent Yellow Discharge when Pregnant.

If you have yellow discharge the following article will help you figure out why this happens and how to deal with it.

Yellowish discharge when pregnant
When i am done peeing i wipe and theres this yellowish slimy looking discharge on the toliet paper, its always a yellowish color or a yellow color with a slight green tint to it. Due to high oestrogen levels, it is not uncommon to experience vaginal discharge. Is White Yellow Discharge during Pregnancy Normal.

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A greater amount of discharge is produced especially when the pregnancy is approaching the labor stage. During pregnancy, your body will produce more discharge as a result of the increase in hormones and it helps to keep things cleaned out down there. How is Yellow Discharge Treated. It is rare for women to experience a yellow discharge in pregnancy in the first or second trimester. The colour could be a white, pale cream or even light yellow. As a pregnancy approaches the due date, it's no. Light yellow is in the realm of normal colors of discharge.