Youtube michael bolton when a man loves a woman

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The song starts in C or Db, and then changes to D after the chorus, you can play it all in D if you want. When a man loves a woman Deep down in his soul She can bring him such misery If she is playing him for a fool He's the last one to know Loving eyes can never see. Percy Sledge - When a man loves a woman. Yes when a man loves a woman I know exactly how he feels 'Cause, baby, baby, baby I am a man When a man loves a woman.

Quando um homem ama uma mulher Nao consegue manter sua mente em nada mais.

Thanks Michael Bolton en cocierto. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Ele trocaria o mundo Por uma coisa boa que. And remember you can ask us for a song.

Michael Bolton - When A Man Loves A Woman From Live at The Royal Albert Hall.

The Voice of Poland III - Mateusz Ziolko - When a man loves a woman - Przesluchania w Ciemno. While a great kiss is almost an otherworldly experience, a terrible kiss can be the perfect sign that you and your kissing partner are completely incompatible. Why do people support their favorite sports teams. Two and a half men Michael Bolton- When a man loves a woman. Visit my account, I have live video in high definition.