As2 gotoandplay not working

18.08.2018 | by Adena
But visually there is no change and the animation is not played. I tried putting play on the first frame, and it still wont play. Rollover and release events on buttons work a little differently to enterframe and load events on movieclips.

I have the code gotoAndPlay code on a frame where I want the movie to automatically transition to the next scene.

I have a movieclip with labels normal and mouseover. Then the variable myVar is part of the movieclip. Thanks kglad, but I've tried your method and the code still won't work correctly. How to get last digits of a number. When I try to install Oracle software by running the sapserver. It only gets major releases ATM though.
Hey all, I'm a newbie on the forum and in Flash. After slowly going crazy, I have decided to post my problem here. On debugging thisButton does goto mouseover and the frame changes. The ActionScript is the exact same in all three frames on the actions layer you see in the screenie. Hello, this is probably quite simple but I cant get it working.