Can you go swimming without a tampon when your period is light

02.09.2018 | by Admin
Why is spotting common before a period. It's safe to hit the water on your period, as long as you wear a tampon while you're swimming. I am just a woman who swims a lot and still gets her period and has never had a problem.
Tampax will tell you how and get helpful tips and advice today so you can jump in. Diaphragms are not intended to be used as a tampon alternative and may increase the risk of urinary tract infections. Goodluck, ive been meaning to ask a queation like this. We'll transfer your profile picture and cover photo to the Page, and the name on your profile will become the Page's name.
Yes, you can go swimming on your period without using a tampon. Light, i would recommend pratcising and getting used to a tampon, if not then make sure you have a towel on hand when you get out of the pool. Check out the right way to insert a tampon and practice a few times before you head out to the water. There are many alternatives for swimming on period. Tampons will collect the menstrual fluid before it leaves your body so you dont have to worry about signs of your period showing in the water. Can you go swimming on your period.