Codeigniter form submit not working

19.01.2019 | by Claudette
This Final Exam task is designed to be much more challenging and in-depth than the previous weeks tasks. Setting up Base url for your file path. Php file and set the path as given below. But when I upload to a production server, trying to.

Form roleform form-group CodeIgniter does not work hellip.

Codeigniter form submit not working
And since it is much more in-depth, finishing it will be that much more rewarding. Reference the CodeIgniter form validation documentation to implement form validation when submitting your form. Whenever I hit my submit button the page refreshes but then just appends. Datepicker using jquery in codeigniter does not work. What is another word for tablespoon.
CodeIgniter doesnt support GET method as natively. Any reason this may be happening. The code just stops and hellip. Oh, you wanna know why, do you. I have a controller named welcome with a method named email. If you're calling other controllers from within any of your views, though, you could just be overwrit. Hey guys if you have any troubles, comments, or concerns plz leave them in the comment section below.