How do u say youre welcome in french

07.09.2018 | by Admin
If a friend thanks you for helping him move for example. In French, how do you say welcome. How to say You're Welcome in French. If you want to say it in another language, you need to say which one.
How do u say youre welcome in french
How do you say welcome back in French. Je ten prie is a common yet strange way to say youre welcome in French. In casual conversation with a close friend, you might say de rien, or literally, its nothing. The six w method is one way to set clear goals with an employee.
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So use De rien if you dont want to take a chance. Let's use the words la malle suitcase, which is a feminine object in French and le sac purse, which is a masculine object in French. La malle et le sac, ce sont les tiens. The French have many ways of saying youre welcome, so which phrase youll use will depend on who you are and with whom youre speaking.