How much better is iphone 5s battery

27.07.2018 | by Meghan
If you're not worried about support coverage, third party sources or DIY may be options. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Sunday to Tuesday is pretty good. Does Apple give refurbished iPhone device as a replacement.

I'll let you know what I've learned about this when it comes to it.

If you dont use Location Services, turn it off. You can also navigate to Settings Cellular Usage to find out how much time you were on calls, and how much cellular data have you used, broken by app-usage. A lot of apps Apple's and others communicate with the web every day.
Activities like calling and data usage often requires a lot of battery power, which then leads to the device over-heating. As soon as you perform some of these tricks, and turn off the things you do not actually use, the difference in the battery life will be noticeable instantly. Battery life varies a lot depending on use and background activity. If you need more than small improvements in battery life you need to take more drastic steps. Here is how to set up Outlook with godaddy. How to check for iPhone battery replacement eligibility under warranty. The simplest thing to do when you first run.