How to arrange apps on ipad 2

24.07.2018 | by Admin
Connect the iPad to your computer with the USB cable. If you mean that you have too many screens with one or two apps on each page, you can simply consolidate apps on fewer pages by long touching an app and moving it to the edge of the screen. IPad Tutorial How to Arrange Apps, Create Folders Clean Up iPad Screens.
You just need your fingers to do it. Arranging apps is important because it categorizes your apps and lets you quickly. Now just drag it to the new position on the screen. Arranging Apps in iTunes Need to really clean up your screens.
Make money doing what you love. So it is very convenient to have all valuable apps right at hand no matter at what desktop you are at the moment. If you often download a lot of apps on your iPhone or iPad, you will definitely want to learn to arrange apps on your iPad or iPhone model. If you run more than one blog, you can use this method to display the latest headlines from your other blogs.