How to burn a cd in windows 7 professional

27.06.2018 | by Pauletta
That includes the ability to use a built-in software to copy files to a CD. The first option Like a USB flash drive offers the facility to save files like on a USB flash drive. If you have any questions please comment below. Enter a name for the CD in the Disc Title text field.

This tutorial explains it step-by-step.

That the United States government makes use of this technology regularly for. Hope this information is helpful. So Lets Get Started on our guide on How To Burn a CD.
Are you sure it hasn't just been moved to another screen or into a folder. Data CDs can be formatted to be compatible with Windows computers only or with most computers and electronic devices. So if you choose this option then you will be able to copy, paste, save, edit and delete files on the disc according to your wish. If you want to burn a video DVD that will play in a DVD player, you'll need a DVD authoring program like the open-source DVD Styler. The inserted disc must be empty for compact disc burning. Double-click Computer on your desktop or click Start, then Computer.