How to make stamped spoon jewelry

01.07.2018 | by Shelli
Even with silver plate, she had to change how she cut off the stem of the spoon. It is also a very environment-friendly way to make unique stamped necklace. Bend Using the pliers, grasp the handle close to the bowl end of the spoon and start bending the handle so that it curves toward the back of the spoon.
How to make stamped spoon jewelry — photo 1
If you want to code using Eclipse IDE, it is almost the same. Food, hygiene, cleaning products. This video is a reboot of an old video of mine, but I thought it was. inch for the ends of the ring to overlap. And yes, you can stamp on a spoon provided you flatten it enough.
The reason why so many people make this type of jewelry is because older cutlery sets were made from real silver. In this video, I share with you how to make a metal stamped flattened spoon pendant. Even so, we strive to provide what we get to help you use this product, how to make stamped spoon jewelry. Although you will need to invest in some special items to get started, you will be able to use these items over and over again. Use the mandrel to shape the curve. More Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials.