How to make a post-it note costume

29.07.2018 | by Rickie
In this back-to-school DIY, learn how to make a Post-it Pop-Up Dispenser for your post-it notes. You can always trim them if you need to. You can make the back solid, or do the same design as before. Read on and you will start getting sticky note creative.
How to make a post-it note costume
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When you get to the top, it's okay if the Post-it Notes stick out over the edges. Tie string onto a binder clip clipped at the top, or poke a hole in the bag to hang it. Given below are some of the natural ways, which helps in removing black and white heads from your face. Fold the note in half horizontally with the sticky side out. These brightly colored sticky pads of paper are wonderful for many purposes.