How to make turkey meatballs in the oven

19.08.2018 | by Kaycee
Every time I make turkey meatballs I wonder why I dont make them more often. This is just another example of an easy to make, high protein, low carb meal that can be cooked in bulk. In my opinion, they actually taste better as leftovers.

How to bake turkey meatballs in the oven with this simple recipe.

Baking them in the oven is so much simpler. These turkey meatballs have similar ingred. In the same way that I prefer to cook my beef meatballs in the oven compared to frying them in a skillet, I do the same thing with these turkey meatballs. Its tough because I keep getting food samples with dairy in it like the goodies in my monthly low carb subscription box.
How to make turkey meatballs in the oven
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