Install os yosemite on pc

29.06.2018 | by Maybelle
From this point, you will be taken through the standard Mac OS setup. And do i get the Yosemite-zone. The interconnection this OS allows between Macs and iOS devices are just amazing.
Otherwise just click on Accept and install OS X Yosemite. Once that's done with, you should be running a fully functional copy of OS X Yosemite on your PC. Phones, Mobile Phones Telecoms. Theres no need to reinstall all of your kexts and drivers.
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At the boot screen, youll see an Apple icon for the hard drive where you installed Yosemite. If you plan on updating Mac OS X in the future, check out our guide to updating your Hackintosh. Watch this Chinese language tutorial video and learn useful phrases and additional vocabulary when checking into customs, such as Visa and Your passport, please. Once youve entered the OS X Yosemite installer, you will come up to a hard disk selection page. If you're installing Yosemite on a computer that has never been turned into a Hackintosh before. Am I fine to get the procedures done again, install os yosemite on pc.