Iphone 4s camera not working after water damage

22.06.2018 | by Rhona
Camera flash doesnt sync with shots. How can you tell if your iPhone has water damage. I once dropped my iPhone in a pond. This is the actual way to repair a water damaged iPhone.

In this tutorial, you'll find out.

Back camera shows nothing but a black screen. It could be down to scum on the outside surface of the lens. It's a long shot but easy to check by cleaning the lens carefully. Is the iPhone SE's camera any good.
Iphone 4s camera not working after water damage — photo 2
However, there was always a water stain tidemark in the screen. Minecraft Seed Minecraft Ideas Minecraft Stuff. It died, but after drying it out for a few weeks yes, weeks it took a charge and came back to life. What should I do if my iPhone gets damaged by water and the screen gets damaged.